Monday, September 16, 2013

American Heritage Girls Weeks #1 & 2

Last spring I began debating about putting the girls in American Heritage Girls. After much debate, we decided to register them. We took them to the Ice Cream Social hosted by the troop and did the registration. The girls also earned their first badge:

At their first meeting, they put together hygiene bags to pass out to kids at a Fest the following week. They also began to learn about AHG and the badges they would be working on. Chey and Court are at the lowest level and their primary focus is the Eliza Shirley Badge. They are learning the basics about AHG. The others are working on their Joining Award. They are learning the Oath and Creed. Tina's group is working on the Cake Decorating Badge. She is excited for this one. Carly's group is working on the Creative Crafts Badge. As a part of this, she is entering a necklace into a local fair for judging. Caitie and Charlee's group are working on the Social Skills and Etiquette Badge. 

 photo IMG_1738_zpse9898241.jpg
Court and Chey (far right in the pale blue shirts) putting together the hygiene bags.

At their second meeting, they worked more on their badges. They have also been rehearsing for the War Memorial Ceremony they are participating in. Chey and Court made tambourines. Carly is making duct tape jewelry as part of her job (her fair entry is beaded jewelry. Picture will be posted when we attend the fair). On Saturday, they attended the Festival at a local elementary school. They played as well as handed out the bags to the kids who attended. 
 photo IMAG0012_zpse3b7a527.jpg
From left to right: Caitie, Charlee, Court, Chey, Tina, and Carly

Meanwhile, all CJ did was run and play.
   photo IMAG0011_zps382bdd25.jpg

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