Sunday, September 22, 2013

American Heritage Girls Week #3

The girls just finished up Week #3 of American Heritage Girls. Their Tuesday meeting was held at the park so that the girls could practice for the Groundbreaking Ceremony they are participating in. There was also a drawing held for a prize of all the girls who attended the meeting. Tina won the drawing and received a notebook inscribed by the worship leader.

On Friday, the girls participated in the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Carolina Field of Honor. They sang America, The Beautiful and God Bless America at the beginning of the ceremony. The girls then helped clean up after the veterans at the picnic attending before they ate. The girls all did a wonderful job and represented the organization well.

5 of my girls (Tina is also in the picture in the red shirt; the blonde girl is not my child).
L to R: Chey, Court, Carly, Caitie, Charlee

The girls lining up to walk onto the field. 

 photo IMG_2119_zps52055795.jpg
Members of the Patriot Guard (holding the flags).

The girls getting ready to sing.

Connor at the ceremony. 

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