Monday, September 16, 2013

Lowe's Build & Grow Clinic #1: Classic Fire Truck

We went to Lowe's on Saturday morning to participate in the monthly Build & Grow clinic. This month the project was building a classic firetruck. All of the kids except Tina participated. So, 6 kids were building and it was me, Chris, and Tina helping them. They even got a cute little patch. They wore their basic AHG uniform since they had an event to go to immediately after.

The patch

   photo IMAG0021_zps919be77b.jpg 
The finished project (this was Chey's).
    photo IMAG0014_zps5555b2d8.jpg 
From left to right: Court, Chey, Carly, Charlee, and Caitie
CJ (and part of Court; he didn't want to be in the pic with them)

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