Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update on Us

I have not been keeping up with this blog like I should have been.

I have only have 1 post on this blog since I changed over from my other blog. I no longer have access to that blog which is another story altogether.

We changed the name of our home school. We were formerly "The Swarmer Academy". The name has changed to "Bayou Excellence Academy".

We now have 7 "enrollees". Well, still technically only 4 but 3 that will be coming into school soon. They are:

Tina, age 12, grade 6
Carly, age 7 (8 in September), grade 3
Caitie, age 4 (5 in October), grade PreK
Charlee, age 4 (5 in October), grade PreK
Chey, age 2 (3 in October)
Monkey (Courtney), age 2 (3 in October)
CJ (our only son has arrived!), age 5 months

With the newest addition to the family, we have changed our mascot and school colors. We decided that the Unicorn was an appropriate mascot when we were an all girl school. Now that we have a boy around, we took a new vote. The kids decided to honor our new home in Louisiana and selected the ALLIGATOR. Our colors had formerly been pink, baby blue and pale purple. The kids have decided to honor their new favorite holiday of Mardi Gras and selected purple, gold and green. I must say, at least they have made it easy to dress and decorate for anything!

I do have some pictures of where we did some "experiments" at the Gulf shore back in April. I guess I will post them soon.

I am currently planning out the school year for 2010-2011. I know that in reality I will never manage to stick to it, but I want at least a guideline of what needs to get accomplished.

Till then.......