Our Students

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This is all 7 of our students. Such an animated little bunch. 

Crystina (AKA Tina)

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Crystina, most commonly called Tina, is 16 years old and in 10th grade. She is unsure what she wants to do when she graduates.

Carolyn (AKA Carly)

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Carolyn, commonly called Carly, is 11 and in the 7th grade. She wants to go to LSU and become an architect.

Caitlyn (AKA Caitie)

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Caitlyn (Caitie) is the oldest of my 8 year old twins. She is in the 4th grade. She is a huge animal lover and feels that she should save all animals. She is also the only left-handed child. I call her my mother - in - law's mini-me. She takes after her with being left-handed as well as the love of animals. She wants to go to LSU and study veterinary medicine. She's excited that the veterinary medicine students there get to take care of LSU's mascot, (currently) Mike VI.

Charlotte (AKA Charlee)

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Charlotte (Charlee) is the youngest (by 20 minutes) of my 8 year old twins. She is also in the 4th grade. She wants to be a model and she wants to design jewelry. She wants to go to LSU and major in business administration so she can open her jewelry business. She is my diva and miss priss.

Cheyenne (AKA Chey)

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Cheyenne (Chey) is the oldest of my 6 year old twins. She is in 2nd grade. She idolizes Abby from NCIS and wants to be a forensic scientist (her words are: "I want to be just like Abby").

Courtney (AKA Monkey)

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Courtney (Monkey) is the youngest, by only a minute, of  my 6 year old twins. She is also in 2nd grade. She LOVES monkeys. I mean obsessive loves monkeys. Her dream is to be able to play with and take care of monkeys, so I am thinking her dream job right now is to be a zoologist. She only says: "I want to play with monkeys all day!" She walks around playing with her stuffed monkeys and caring for them, even feeding the baby ones with a doll bottle.

Connor (CJ)

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Connor (CJ, and no he's not a Junior. His initials are really CJS) is my 4 year old and only boy. He is technically only in pre-school but he is still considered a student. He has many interests right now so his possible dream jobs could be almost anything. He could be a professional football player, firefighter, police officer, military, FBI or NCIS agent, or chef. He is my child of many faces and so charismatic.

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