About Our School

I began home schooling when my oldest daughter was 5 and in Kindergarten (2003 - 2004). The following year, I began home schooling my daughter but two months into it, I got a full time job. I couldn't afford to pay a babysitter for her plus my younger daughter, so I enrolled her into public school. They asked me to provide her kindergarten transcripts from a SCHOOL. I couldn't so they automatically put her in Kindergarten. She was bored but endured it. I had gotten pregnant halfway through the school year and eventually had to be taken out of work (high risk twin pregnancy and demanding physical job). Instead of taking her back out of school, I left her in. The following year (2005 - 2006) I never returned her after Spring Break and informed the school board she was now being home schooled.

We've been home schooling ever since and now I home school all of my kids. I had decided a few years ago to name our school. I just simply chose Swarmer Academy. The girls chose the unicorn as the school mascot and the colors pink, purple and baby blue as the colors.

However, we moved to Louisiana and the filing practices were different there. I didn't like the idea of our last name in our school name, so we changed it to the Bayou Excellence Academy. I finally had a son and we decided that the mascot and colors were too girly for him so we changed our mascot to the alligator and our colors to purple, gold and green (the colors of Mardi Gras!). Our colors have been changed once again to black and gold (my oldest pointed out that most tassels only come in 2 colors so our colors would not work. She's already planning her graduation).

I have home schooled in Virginia, Louisiana, Maryland and North Carolina.