Friday, September 14, 2012

All About Mammals

For the past week and a half, Caitie and Charlee have been studying mammals. They learned the basic characteristics of mammals such as they have fur and they give live birth to their young versus eggs. They were each given the chance to select one mammal and prepare a poster about that mammal. Caitie chose cats and Charlee chose giraffes.

It's hard to see the posters in the picture. Each girl found a real picture of their animal online. They also were able to find a blank picture and color it to their liking. For each animal, they researched the animal's physical description, habitat, enemies, protection methods, where it would be located in the world, the name for male, female and baby, other animal relatives, diet and interesting facts. Caitie learned that the domestic cat was the most popular pet in the world and that there were over 500 million of them. Charlee was shocked to learn that the giraffe had 4 stomachs. Charlee was also lucky enough that she could find a map labeling the places giraffes could be found. 

The girls will be using this project idea for each of the animal classes. 

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