Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home School Group Meet and Greet Brunch {Plus a couple of Pinterest Links}

Today we went to the Home School Group Meet and Greet Brunch at our local park. For my brunch contributions, I took:
Sausage Cheese Puffs

Pumpkin Coffee Cake

I also took Blueberry Muffins. 

The kids had a blast! We spent 4 hours there with the other families. Tina, Carly, Caitie and Charlee all made friends and were running around with them. Chey and Monkey preferred to stay alone although they did run around other kids and such. CJ was devastated. His Tina was ignoring him to play with other people. He tried all the time getting her attention as she ran by. He would point to himself and shout out "Nina! I right here! I right here!" Then look defeated as she continued on. He also has the "Mine" theory going on. I guess it's because at home, the girls have their toys and he has his and his alone. We need to work on this. I didn't get to snap too many pictures because I was busy chasing CJ around and watching him slide - over and over and over again. I did manage to get these two, one of Monkey and one of CJ as they were drawing with sidewalk chalk. This was before he decided to color his entire body BLUE with the chalk. 



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